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Hi - Welcome to my Greyhound Site - come on in and browse and learn a little bit about Greyhounds.
See the Greyhounds I have fostered for the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas, Inc. (GALT).
Also, see all kinds of pictures of our own very sweet Greyhounds.
These are the most awesome dogs ever!

Why do Greyhounds make good pets?

Greyhounds are affectionate, friendly dogs, who thrive on attention and human companionship and make terrific pets. They've been bred to be fast, healthy, intelligent and good tempered. Greyhounds have spent most of their lives in the company of other dogs, their trainers and handlers. The greyhound's sociability makes them great with other pets, and their calm temperament makes them wonderful around children and friends. They are intelligent house pets, clean, quiet, and a loving companion. Because they have very little body fat for insulation from heat and cold, greyhounds are totally inside companion pets. Greyhounds are low maintenance pets when it comes to grooming due to their short, sleek coats. Many adopters who have previously been allergic to other breeds report having no trouble with a greyhound in their home.

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Misc Pictures...

Misc Pictures...
Ty playing with his ball at Schuster Acres (his favorite game)!

More new kids on the block...

More new kids on the block...
Emma Sue - all snuggled in a blanket (favorite past time)!

13 year old Zach smelling plastic flowers!

Zach - smelling the plastic flower!

New kids on the block...

New kids on the block...
Little 8 lb. Sophie holds her own with all the big guys!!

Sophie running and playing at Schuster Acres - in her play dress!! :-)

Ty (the little guy) & Jazz

Jazz & Ty

Bray's Greyhounds at play!!!

Bray's Greyhounds at play!!!




Trevor - tired after play!!

Bray's Greyhounds - MISC Stuff!!!

Bray's Greyhounds - MISC Stuff!!!
Nike's 12th Birthday - eating Biscuits and Sausage Gray!!

Look at those eyes - WOW what a treat!!!

Forest - Abby - Trevor & Nike outside!

Friends - Forest & Asher!

Friends - Lexi & Forest!

Forest - this is what I look like when I am totally worn out and snoozing!!! Cute huh?!?!?!

My sweet ole' boy Red!!

Nike's 13th Birthday - 2008 - Eating Chicken and Pork Chops!

Forest & Wyatt - what handsome boys!

Cruz & Aaron!

Handsome boy Wyatt!!

Zorro & Pepper

Cruz & Pepper snoozing!!

Nike enjoying the outdoors!! And showing off his gums!! :-)

My sweet Nike at 13 years old! 06/15/2008!!

Bray's Greyhounds - Bedtime in Winter in Texas!!

Bray's Greyhounds - Bedtime in Winter in Texas!!
Abby snuggling in for the night!

Nike - old bones keeping warm!!! :-)

Nike & Abby


Lexi & Trevor all covered up for the night!


Nike snuggling under a blanket!!

Nike keeping warm!

Puppies at play!

Puppies at play!
Basil & Quince facing off - Saffron sleeping in the background!

All the puppies sleeping after their lunch!!

Getting BIGGER!!! Growing fast!!!

Getting BIGGER!!!  Growing fast!!!
6 weeks old!

Aaron holding Ash! Ash saying; "Aaron please take me home with you!" Aaron saying; "I would love to buddy, BUT...."!!

GALT's Greyhound Puppies!!

GALT's Greyhound Puppies!!
5 weeks old!

Sarah holding Saffron!